Climate and Community Benefit

While we acknowledge that “carbon offsets” have a role to play beyond reducing our own emissions, carbon positive programs like soil biosequestration are going to be crucial moving forward.

Biosequestration removes carbon from the air and restores it to the soil through fostering strong floral communities and promoting sustainable uses of land in various economic sectors. Such Climate & Community Benefit (CCB) Projects reduce carbon, regenerate ecosystems, and support local communities. Grassland restoration and soil biosequestration projects—such as sustainable grazing—also support local economic activity through holistic land management. We have the ability to transform agriculture, restore grasslands (the world’s second largest carbon sink after the oceans), reforest timberlands, and revitalize wetlands and sea grasses. This approach addresses climate change and provides significant social and economic benefits.

We also believe that supporting hyper local projects with high social and economic benefits in our communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, is crucial for a healthy, equitable, and vibrant Colorado. As such, in addition to verified carbon offset programs, donations to the CCF support more social oriented projects, such as the following:

Chain Reaction: Empowering our children’s future, one bicycle at a time!

Focusing on low-income individuals, especially young people within our community, Chain Reactionpromotes healthy and active lifestyles, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and community engagement.

We see the bicycle as a vehicle that can empower traditionally disenfranchised people to succeed in all aspects of life. ​Through our Earn-a-Bike program, participants receive instruction on bicycle maintenance and graduate with the skills they need to continue pedaling forward…on their own newly re-furbished bike!

In the fall of 2016, along with Boulder County, Chain Reaction began offering the Earn-a-Bike program to ten low-income adults and their children. After ensuring they have the necessary skills to bike safely, they will provide them with their own refurbished bicycle, helmet, lock, light, and multi-tool.

Cycling not only provides an enjoyable means of maintaining health and wellbeing, it helps to address crucial transportation challenges while reducing carbon impact. It is also a special way to explore the natural world, to be environmental stewards, and to be part of a welcoming and supportive community. We seek to remove all barriers that exist to this wonderful world of cycling for everyone.

Future Projects

The CCF provides individuals, businesses, and communities a way to invest in climate benefit projects that connect climate mitigation and ecological integrity, as well as social and economic benefits in communities across Colorado. Specifically, we are working with partners (and inviting additional partners!) to support crucial programs in three specific areas related to biosequestration:

  • Holistic land management (e.g. regenerative agriculture/grazing) as explained and supported by our partners at Savory Global.

  • Taking biochar to scale (see Biochar Now for example).

  • Sustainable composting in agriculture, for example, see what the Marin Carbon Project is doing with rangeland composting and the American Carbon Registry (ACR).

If you are interested in working with us, check out our Climate & Community Benefit Project Proposals & Guidelines page.

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