Community Benefit Proposal

We believe that supporting hyperlocal projects with high social and economic benefits in our communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, is crucial for a healthy, equitable, and vibrant Colorado. In addition to verified carbon offset programs, donations to the CCF support more social oriented projects.

Community Benefit Project Guidelines

The Colorado Carbon Fund welcomes carbon positive programs such as soil biosequestration through holistic land management, sustainable agriculture, and grazing, as well as more socially-oriented community engagement projects. These projects do not have to be verified carbon offset projects, but they must address areas around social and economic equity, while having an element of carbon reduction. We believe that support should come from local Colorado-based projects where communities receive direct benefits from both the project and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Feel free to contact us at (720) 684-6580 or via email at for submissions or any questions relating to project qualifications.