What is The Price of Carbon?

Before you can determine which offset to purchase, you should consider what you are trying to achieve.

Do you want only to cut your carbon emissions, or do you want to reduce the impact of climate change?

If you only want to hold your carbon footprint level, any offset will do. If you want to address the real cost of climate change, you need an offset with integrity, one that delivers “Climate Change Benefits.”

The EPA has calculated the Social Cost of Carbon (SC-CO2). This is a comprehensive estimate of the damages that climate change creates. It includes reductions in net agricultural productivity, costs to human health, property damages from increased flood risk, damage caused by extreme storms, increase in diseases and changes in energy system costs, such as increased costs costs for air conditioning. Our pricing for offsets at the Regenerative Level matches the current SC-CO2.

The EPA’s Social Cost of Carbon (SC-CO2) price is set at $41/tonne.

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Meeting the Social Cost of Carbon is a Regenerative Strategy

When you buy a Colorado Carbon Fund Climate Change Offset, the funds will be used to:

a) provide climate change offsets, and

b) develop our Community Climate Benefit Projects to achieve outcomes beyond carbon.

You keep your carbon footprint level (or negative!), but you also do much more, helping to reduce the greater impact of climate change.

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