J.B. Hunt Intermodal Transportation Project

The J.B. Hunt Intermodal Transportation project addresses transportation emissions by shifting a trucking-only model into a combined use of rail and trucking. The result is comparable to removing 5,000 cars from the road annually, which in turn reduces smog and traffic congestion.

Intermodal freight transport utilizes the most efficient aspects of truck and rail modes. J.B. Hunt is the largest domestic intermodal service provider, and continues to gain market share and lead the conversion of highway shipments to a more energy-efficient intermodal transportation service. Key to making this conversion strategy successful is Hunt’s focus on:

  1. Significant investment in private intermodal 53′ containers, chassis, and dray tractors,
  2. Creating and building information and decision support systems to effectively manage intermodal operations,
  3. Expanding intermodal network reach by opening new services lanes and options, and
  4. Vigorously educating the shipping community on the carbon benefits of intermodal transportation.

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