What are Offsets?

A carbon offset is a reduction or sequestration of emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. This results in net-zero carbon emissions for the purchaser of the offset: for every amount of GHG emitted, an equal amount of GHG is reduced. Offsets keep your footprint level but do not solve the issues of climate change. Our “Climate Change Offsets” give you the chance to make a real reduction in your footprint and become part of the solution.

How can I make sure my carbon offsets address climate change?

It is important to understand your offsets and determine if they meet the true costs and standards of climate integrity. Certifications can help determine this but do not always give the full picture. Carbon Credits can only be used for scope 1 and 3 emissions, Renewable Energy Credits can only address scope 2 emissions. Climate Change offsets from the CCF use Verified Emission Reductions to address all three scopes of emissions AND contribute to regenerative strategies for creating a world less susceptible to the impacts of Climate Change.

How can I make sure my carbon offsets benefit Colorado?

The Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF) utilizes its funding from distributing offsets in order to support local regenerative strategies for communities in Colorado.  By selling carbon offsets at their true social cost, the CCF is able to address issues related to climate change right here in our very own state, by investing in both infrastructure and social projects. Utilizing the CCF ensures that the money from your purchase goes into bettering our already beautiful and conscious state. Where do other offsets come from?

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