Go Carbon Neutral

Renewing Our Land & Investing in Colorado’s Future

The Colorado Carbon Fund is a local non-profit whose primary mission is to

provide easy to use tools and funding necessary to reduce greenhouse gas

emissions within our state. We focus exclusively on Colorado-based projects,

business, and people to keep the local capital working to protect our beautiful

mountains, wildlife, and communities.

Get your Clean Energy License Plate today!

We offer a unique carbon offset program where individuals can donate to offset their vehicle’s annual emissions and qualify to purchase an official Colorado Carbon Fund Project C license plate.

Our Services

Offsets for Individuals

Offset the carbon footprint of yourself or your entire family!

Offsets for Businesses

Support Colorado carbon reduction projects and differentiate your brand by offsetting your business’s vehicles, energy use, supply chain, and more!

Offsets for Communities

We help municipalities follow through on their ambitious Climate Action Plans!

Offsets for Events

We can make hosting a carbon neutral event simple with our offsetting services!