Carbon Offset Projects

Where Your Donation Goes:

The success of CCF depends exclusively on public contributions to promote energy efficiency, advance clean technologies, and support local economic growth. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, organizations, and event planners, CCF has helped sponsor the following carbon offset projects:

Our Larimer County Landfill methane capture project is expected to reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to taking close to 7,500 cars off the road each year. This is in addition to reducing odors and smog associated with the landfill.

The offsets have been retired on behalf of Colorado Carbon Fund donors here.

The J.B. Hunt Intermodal Transportation project – our newest statewide carbon mitigation project to date – addresses transportation emissions by shifting a trucking-only model into a combined use of rail and trucking. The result is comparable to removing 5,000 cars from the road annually, which in turn reduces smog and traffic congestion.

The offsets have been retired on behalf of Colorado Carbon Fund donors here.

Other Projects

The CCF has also contributed funds to local solar hot water projects that reduce natural gas emissions by up to 50 percent. Additionally, we worked with the Denver Public Schools’ Green Clubs and were a sponsor of environmental outreach programs at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Our current focus is on soil biosequestration through holistic (grass) land management projects that benefit soil ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, and grazing. It’s also supporting local economies, and doing this all while promoting rapid decarbonization of our atmosphere. In other words, “Bringing carbon home!”

Future Voluntary Offset Projects

CCF is actively looking for projects throughout Colorado that meet our guidelines.